If you are seeking Ordination or a Messianic Seminary or regular Seminary here are some options:

Torah of Yeshua Ministry cannot promise any transfer of credits from these Universities to American Schools.

The Hebraic Roots Teaching Institute offers degrees from B.A. to P.h.d in Messianic Studies.

They do have some requirements however, such as being One House (No Two House Theology).

There is much more information on there website: http://www.hrti.co.za/SideMenuTop/ContactUs.aspx

You can also contact the heads of one of their field Congregations in Africa:

International Messianic Missionaries
Robert and Jenn McDuffie
/ hrtiafrica@gmail.com

The Messianic Jewish Theological Institute is another program you may wish to examine:


Its founder, David Friedman, author of “They Loved the Torah, what Yeshua’s First Disciples Really Thought

About the Law” is fairly well known in Messianic Circles and more so in Scholarly Circles.

The Messianic Jewish Bible Institute and “The King’s College” in London offer a joint program that can be done

in England, or can also be done Online, with Master’s Degrees in Theology with an emphasis in Messianic Studies.

Two Non-Messianic Options you may wish to consider are:

Liberty University, which is a solidly Baptist School that is in Lynchburg, Virginia but is very affordable and offers a military discount. It also has 8 Week Online Courses in Counseling, Theology and other important fields. I actually attend Liberty’s Seminary so write me at KnowtheWayBooks@yahoo.com if you have any questions.

Liberty Online’s Website is: http://www.liberty.edu/online/degrees/


The International House of Prayer in Kansas City (and also in Georgia) is for Musicians and those who are Spirit-Filled. It is led by Mike Bickle (big name in the Charismatic and Prophetic Movements)

And assisted by worship leader Misty Edwards (Album “Relentless” is incredible).

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a3spvQYlB-I “Relentless” by Misty Edwards

http://www.ihopu.org/ Locations in Kansas City, Atlanta and Orlando.

I.H.O.P. is most importantly a 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a week Prayer Room for the Nation and other Prayer Requests. The “Prayer Room” is also telecast by the Channel “God T.V.”  http://www.god.tv/ihop

If you simply need a Legal Ordination to satisfy Local Governments, for Non-Profit Status, or to perform legally recognized Marriages and other such ceremonies, the Evangelical Christian Fellowship has a very straight-forward process. I have used them before and liked them alot, and they don’t hassle you afterwards.

Ordination Process and Qualifications:


Their site also has some very useful Legal Information:


What does make online ordinations legal?

In 1974, the ULC sued the Federal Government in response to a challenge against the tax-exempt status of the ULC. The ULC is a non-traditional, non-Christian church based in California. The following are excerpts from the court when it ruled in favor of the ULC. Even though the ULC is not a Christian organization, the ruling of the courts for the ULC case have been a great assistance to other Christian ministries.

“Certainly the ordination of ministers and the chartering of churches are accepted activities of religious organizations…The fact that the plaintiff distributed ministers’ credentials and Honorary Doctor of Divinity certificates is of no moment. Such activity may be analogized to mass conversions at a typical revival or religious crusade.”

Here is the part of the decision which guarantees the legality of your ordination:

“Neither this Court, nor any branch of this Government, will consider the merits or fallacies of a religion. Nor will the Court compare the beliefs, dogmas, and practices of a newly organized religion with those of an older, more established religion. Nor will the Court praise or condemn a religion, however excellent or fanatical or preposterous it may seem. WERE THE COURT TO DO SO, IT WOULD IMPINGE UPON THE GUARANTEES OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT.”

As you can see, online ordinations are perfectly legal with the United States of America.